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pasto It´s just weed
Heyy Homie let's smoke some pasto my Nigga
by ARTURO H.A December 08, 2006
56 21
Pasto is similar to a typo but implies the author was pasting text copied from somewhere else. In the Windows-dominated, cut-and-paste-world, pastos occur quite frequently, especially at work.
Please ignore the fourth sentence from my last email, it was a pasto.
by Rob Eddy April 12, 2004
36 20
Person from the past
Did you read about those pastos in our History homework?
by peep_show September 08, 2010
13 5
Pasta is high energy giving, and almost everybody loves it - so why not make it into and adjective? Means energetic and wonderful.
Wow! This is so pasto!
by Gawain October 03, 2010
1 3