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A suitcase with a $1 million cash and you still have to beg for residency. CASH still talks in "this" Jersey.
The only passport to Jersey is cash. It's still a place where suitcases arrive filled with greenies. The only way to become a resident is to arrive with loads.

We're talking the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands (between England and France), a tax haven. Is somewhat of a synonym with JERSEY, USA only classier and the money ain't MAFIA. Lots of AMERICAN-IRANIAN cash housed there. Particularly Hayward cash!
by MS. CHAMELEON October 29, 2011

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(n) A brightly colored or pastel polo shirt with upturned collar and a pooka shell necklace. Normally accompanied by an artifically bronzed tan.
Bubba, from Pennsylvnia, was going to Atlantic City for the weekend so he swung by Hollister to pick up his PASSPORT TO JERSEY.
by Cintastic August 25, 2005