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A PARON BOMB is a cocktail comprised of Crispin Hard Cider, and Captian Morgan rum. The captain is dropped into the Crispin, and chugged like a man. Its enjoyment level crosses somewhere between a sex on the beach and a strike out. I hope thats vague. You need your own experience, it's original, it's new, and it's for you. Its a great drink to order when YOU'RE in charge of ordering- it will make you look more like man- an original man. Not some YouTube sensation ordering Jäger Bombs. The only thing the PARON bomb shares is the clink clank of the glasses dropping. Cheers.
Naive Man 1: hey dude, order us something good, maybe a shot?


Genius Man 2: here, this is a PARON BOMB.

Naive Man 1: My life now begins.
by Ahhrunpaul March 30, 2011

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