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another name of india's national flower.
india's national flower is also known as pankaj.
by pankaj March 03, 2005
Hindi Synonym for Lotus(flower). It is also used as a name.
1)Pankaj is a good boy.
2)Neeraj, Jalaj are synonyms of Pankaj.
by Sa De July 08, 2006
Pankaj is a male given name, common in India to the Hindus. It has its roots in the Sanskrit word pankaj which means a lotus flower. This consists of two words, pank + aj. panka=mud, ja=born; the actual meaning is lotus which is born in mud and blossoms after arising from mud.
he lotus flower, or pankaj is also the national flower of India.
What a pretty Pankaj.

Pankaj smells likes so sweet
by ass108 January 14, 2012