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PAGOD~~the acronym for “Psychotic Attention Grabbing Obsessive Disorder,” defined as a hyper-active form of KSP bordering on clinical neurosis; pagod is also literally, the Tagalog (Pilipino) term for the ambient condition or state of being which induces lethargy or feeling tired.

A tediously fastidious behavior. An annoying indulgence on irrelevance and impertinence just to catch attention.
That child's PAGOD is dangerously out of control.
Your PAGOD can get you into real trouble for good measure.
PAGOD unchecked, can be a dangerous passport to felony.
Unbridled pagod speaks ill of your upbringing.
PAGOD is an unmistakable manifestation of a bloated ego.
by ParallaxAdHoc July 19, 2012