Pop A Boner. Used commonly among phresh floridian koolkats who want to tell their broskii's that they have a "stiffy" and nobody should look at their genitals at the moment. Also can be used in reference to a smokin hot babe.
KoolKat1: Did you see that girl? So fineee,I just P.A.B.'d.
KoolKat2: I really didn't need to know that.


Kid: She makes me want to P.A.B.
by Marz Barzz March 13, 2010
Punk Ass Bitch.Some1 who is being an asshole or a bitch.Acting in a way tht u dont like.
Sam is being a P.A.B
by Scribbles5190 January 04, 2006
PAB also short for pussy ass bitch is any gender who is being not only a pussy but a bitch as well towards a situation or any other circumstance.
Henry your such a fucking PAB you really won't let me fuck your girlfriend while she is passed out drunk.

Come on Wendy stop bein a PAB you really won't take this pill just let it dissolve in your mixed drink and it will make your night so much better.

Smit this chick I'm trying to bang is wicked hot but she will only come out with her mentally challenged sister. Come on dude dont be a PAB, she might be 50 pounds overweight and toothless but take one for the team.
by Matthew Cicerone November 20, 2010
Punch a baby just a shortened term
Kylan: Joey your stupid

Joey: Kylan you make me want to P.A.B
by The Jaguar December 17, 2009
Punk Ass Bitch, grown man acting like a chick
Yo, stop actin like a p.a.b. and suck it already
by Cinnanizzlin November 14, 2006
penis abs. you know, the "V" crease in a guy's lower abdominal where the point in the letter "V" ultimately leads to his dick. such a tease
girl 1: "omfg and he has pabs too!"
by k00laidallie May 12, 2010
Pathetic and Bad; Used when feeling down or otherwise dismal. Can essentially be used interchangeably with "bad."
"Dude, I've had such a pab day."

"OMG! He said what?! That's so pab!"
by Ben Stiles April 24, 2010

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