(noun), Poo Of Ordinary Size.

This definition is necessary in order to distinguish the poo resulting from an everyday, ordinary doody from that of one of unusual size (P.O.U.S.).

synonym: P.O.D.
antonym: P.O.U.S.

Note: The best acronym for P.O.U.S. would be "Poo Of Usual Size" but this results in P.O.U.S.. Therefore, the term "ordinary" is instead used--Poo Of ORDINARY Size.
P1: Did you just take a doody?
P2: No, actually, I just LEFT one...haha.
But seriously, yeah...I did.
P1: Was it big or anything?
P2: Nah, it was just a P.O.D.
P1: You mean a P.O.O.S.?
P2: Yep, exactly.
by OneDoody September 06, 2010
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