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partner in crime

-like bestfriends who do crazy shit together
That girl Shelby is my PNC 😁
by southern.sweetheart December 06, 2015
an acronym that stands for Post Nap Confusion

not to be confused with the drug PCP
i got that ill pnc
by Moira McSwaggart June 18, 2013
P.N.C stands for “Pink Nipple Club” which represents a general name for European look girls and it based on the common grasp that white girl have pink nipples.
I don't like this girl she is not a P.N.C
by Itsik August 04, 2013
Point'n'click when gaming (not twitch or turn based, etc) Wow and Eve are pnc games
WOW is some mad pnc faggotry
by mmosaredeadf2psux June 23, 2011
Penacook, PeNaCook NH
"where you from?"
"Im striaght form da PNC"
by Bmurph November 24, 2005
An acronym for "pre nigger check".
This is a routine check that a white person conducts before using the N word.
This check is used to be certain that there are no persons of a colored decent, in the area. This is for the safety of the white person.
Dave: wow calm down nigga.
Leo: Damn man you totally forgot your PNC, if your not carefull you'll get beat up around hear.
by zziiggggyy September 24, 2007
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