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A middle tier restaurant serving Americanized Chinese food that has long lost its roots. Frequented mostly by homies and diners looking out for a quick bite, although is being marketed as something of a fancy place, with Cordials and candles. In other words, a complete mess of a business model that is extremely inefficient in its operation and is only sustained through its rapid growth. A venture not to be invested in.
"Wanna go to P.F Chang's tonight dear?"
"Nah. I'd rather eat cat turds out of the litter box."
by kalkalasch September 01, 2006
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An Americanized Chinese restaurant that no matter what you order within eight hours after digestion your rectum falls out.
Dude 1: Where you at man, John said you're sick or something?

Dude 2: Ohh dear lord I have the worst case of the PF Changs right now.
by tbra1n February 23, 2012
delicious fancy restaurant with american chinese food
We went to P.F Changs for her birthday dinner
by hastalavista July 29, 2008
A derogatory word for a pale and frail kid. Usually applies to skinny emo/scene kids that never come outside.
God, Sam is such a P.F Chang, he never comes outside and is as weak as a twig.
by Floogners June 26, 2009

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