perverted bastard -- a guy thats all up ons and you dont want him to be
dude look at tommy hes a PB !!!
by cool cat December 14, 2004
Punk Bitch
"That PB don't do nothin but lie all the damn time."
by TIFFANY December 04, 2003
Pissy Bitch
You are really being a PB.
by KP May 08, 2002
pussy boy; boy who acts like a pussy
man, bob was hella being a PB
by michelle johnson April 22, 2006
One's Past Belongings
A: "Were are my vynils?"
B: "They're probably one of your PB."
by Muhahahanafawnabanana October 15, 2005
Pimple Butt. When you have a pimple on your butt.
"He has PB" Like when your bf has one on his butt and he begs you to pop it for him...GROSS!
by Dubchix July 22, 2004
party buddy; someone you keep with you at a party in order to help you ward off skeevy guys
The key to a successful feshman year of college is finding a good PB.
by SpeakEasy August 09, 2004
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