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Pittsburg/Da-Burg/P-Town/Da-P/West Pitt CA in the San Fransisco Bay Area/Northern Cali.Hella Ghetto in every way, home of the Jacka,Mob Figaz,A-Wax,Bill Stackand other rappers,Originator of "Bro"
I'm straight from the P-world! What is it? Naw What Izz it?
by Tafoya November 16, 2004
Pittsburg,California YOU KNOW !!
Where you from? P World!
Da almighty Pittsburg
Home of da Pirates
Where u from in P-world
west pitt yall noe
by Triple -O May 17, 2006
a shortened form of the shit computer store PC world. It is used as an insult to the store as it secretly means pussy world
'man i got work again tomorrow.'
'where u work?'
'fuckin p world, they pay us shit'
*points and laughs* 'u work at p world!!!'
by jeff1 August 24, 2005

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