Top Definition
When you get your period
When you bleed outta your ass for a few days
Jenn: Nikki when do you get your p-card?
Nikki: like i have it right now.
jenn: OMG SAME
Nikki: omg crazy like lets go buy tampons
jenn: omg okay
by Jen n Nikki April 01, 2006
The P-Card, or Penetration Card, is similar to the V-Card except with a more strict definition. The P-Card may only be lost through intercourse, so unlike the V-Card possession is not up for debate.
Dude, I was wasted with the hottest chick last night and we ended up at her place. When I woke up in the morning I realized she had taken my P-Card *High Five*
by SMA7 February 26, 2008
the players card
i have the players card
by Joker March 10, 2003

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