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missing a front headlight or a white light
That pinto's got a p'diddle.
by dust bunny November 09, 2002
A game played in the car. When a car is seen with a headlight out, someone will hit the ceiling of the car with their hand and yell "p'diddle!" and everyone else must follow suit. The last person to do so must take off an article of clothing.
"P'diddle! Oh, fuck."
by Zinco November 05, 2006
A game in which whenever you see a car with only one headlight, whoever isn't quick enough to call "pdiddle" first has to take off one item of clothing.
*car passes with one headlight* John calls "PDIDDLE!!" and Sarah and Matt both take off their shirts.
by Hannah Kate May 28, 2006
To stimulate the labia and clitoris of a woman to orgasm with a penis (erect or flaccid), yet not at any point during sex insert said penis into vagina.
"I'm on the rag, but we can p'diddle."
by PP April 29, 2002
When one headlight of a car is out and one is on.
I see a pdiddle!
by ViOLiNOBAiXO April 25, 2004
When you see a car with one headlight out you touch the top of your car saying "Pdiddle!" Whoever does it first.. wins.
*sees light out* *hits ceilling* "PDIDDLE!!"
by AutumnSeaDream September 03, 2005
The result of prematurely ending urination.
The cops saw me peeing on the building, now I am covered in P'Diddle
by Rory Uppercut October 31, 2006

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