PANIC! at the disco
Luke called me a c.u.n.t.
P!ATD and TBS are playing at the Bamboozle.
We got you tickets, are you going Luke?
by Ashley Lynn July 01, 2006
Top Definition
abbreviation for panic! at the disco. see panic! at the disco
when i say shotgun, you say wedding.
by laura~~!!~ August 27, 2005
Panic! At the Disco aka- A very very good band EVERYONE should see live at least once
Accessorizing with a rosary tucked inside her lingerie... -P!ATD
by x EMO KIDS USE Xs- hahaha x January 21, 2006
A shortened form of the band Panic! At the Disco, an Indie labled band.
I wanted to see the P!ATD show, but it was sold out.
by ~MissHaley~ March 01, 2006
an acronym for the band "panic! at the disco"
obnoxious little scene girl- "OMG, did you see that patd video last night on MTV, omg so amaaaaazing. loves patd '06"
by xwoah victoriax August 15, 2006
Pay attention to detail
To learn all of the information necessary to become a
Pilot, you must PATD.

To be an effictive policeman, you must at all times, PATD

To understand and follow the plan -a -gram you must PATD
by whomee July 21, 2010
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