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An indicator that an awkward moment has, or is about to, happen. Usually used in conjunction with a well timed collar pull. A well placed ozinga serves only to heighten the awkwardness of a situation by pointing out said awkwardness to a wider audience. Hilarity is sure to follow.

Collar should be pulled perpendicular to the body at a sharp 45 degree angle from the front of the face using only the index finger.
John: "This is going to be a great New Year's Party"
John's Drunk Friend: "Oh yeah, you going to bring home another fatty like you did last year"
John's Soon to be ex-girlfriend: "YOU MEAN WHEN I WAS SKIING WITH MY PARENTS!"
John's other Drunk Friends (simultaneously): "Ozinga"

Beth: "you pulled out right"
Jeff: "Of course baby" (thinking "Ozinga")
9 months later....
Jeff's brother: "Ozinga"

Boss: "Where were you yesterday?"
Dale: "I had the flu"
Boss: "I saw you at the bar at 11:30 am"
Dale's Co-Workers: "Ozinga"

Brandon's friends upon seeing Brandon's girlfriend walking up to his bedroom and knowing he is banging another chick in there: "Ozinga!"
by harf July 25, 2008

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