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Oz-short for Aussie
ude-short for Dude which is a camels dick.
OzHEDude, is a Aussie guy who sucks camel dicks.
That bloke sucks camel dicks. He is a OzHEDude!
by the real hitman July 26, 2006
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This is a man who bought you HED wheels into Australia at a great price. Also known as a Storm supporter and a hater of single mums who fish for money. Some chicks are just way to fuked for this dude. The Oz stands for Aussie, the HED stands for Hed wheels, and the ude is short for dude but runs off the last bit of the HED. Also another word for Austaralian male dude or aussie camel dick.
That guy OzHEDude is the bloke, but he comes across as gay.
by OzHEDude July 26, 2006
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