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Owtf= Oh, what the fuck?

Usually used to show surprise.
Guy1: Oh, by the way. I slept with your wife.
Guy2: OWTF!?
Guy1: Yeah, we got pretty drunk, and when we woke up next to each other in the morning we were both like "OWTF!?"
by Heetleer July 12, 2006
written on AIM one day. means= or whatever the fuck. As in when you miscpell a word and you look stupid. To hide in shame you write "or. whatever. the. fuck you spell it" after a mispelled word .

"or. whatever. the. fuck. you want!"
"O.W.T.F you want!"

"O.W.T.F you spell it"
"O.W.T.F !"
by KIND2012lol March 16, 2009
the alternate way of saying Oh, What the fuck?
Person 1:owtf, you did not get get pwnt.
Person 2: Yep, I got PWNTZ.
Person 1: Go pwn yourself, n00ber.
by Santa October 14, 2004
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