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Where you dont shave your genitles for about 8 to 9 months and gently set your hairy sack on someones nose while sleeping and screem OWLS NEST at the top of your lungs
Me and paul gave chas a wicked bad owls nest last night

My balls are so hairy i colud give someone an owls nest
by the owlinator December 20, 2009

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Affectionately, the space in between the two "hooters". Commonly, the location where you would motor boat a woman, between her breasts, boobs, tits.

I can't remember how the term came about. It could have been because I was wearing a lie cut shirt, it could have been when I got motor boated, it could have been when I saw some girl with big hooters... I have been using this one for a while.
"Did you see the owls nest on her?"
by QuartK June 30, 2014