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The kids that sit in the tech hallway of the school. I don't see why people think this is an insult, owls are epic.
All the Owl Kids need to Have a giant party
by TheNameJin October 31, 2010
group of young misfit high school students who hang out in the tech hall.

They are deep, caring, interesting, odd, hilarious, accepting, loving, and always have each others back. We all don't always get along, and we don't see things the same way.

But by the end of the day we need each other.

They are the colour, light, and darkness of the school. they don't listen to the music most do. They like to rock out, as well as like other forms of music. They don't care for preps, as they don't care for us.

They make you stop and stare at there dark "alternative" clothing.

We all want to belong to something, the owl kids are doing just that, belonging to a compassionate, loyal group of friends.

life it hard as it is, we really don't need people judging us just because were different.
hater prep: look at them siting there laughing haveing a good time. i though all emos do is sit around being all you know, like emo.

other hater prep: stupid owl kids
by StarcoreD November 05, 2010
Owl kids are the nickname for the people others slander. These people are too insecure about themselves so they call others who are stereotyped as 'emo' this name when really it does not affect them in any way. Owls are epic, and they will always be. There is also a magazine called owl kids so that is even more epic. These so called 'owl kids' are no harm to anyone unless you make one of them angry, obviously someones gonna knock your block off if your telling them off. Anyways, these teens may not be what you expected, if you actually knew them you would know this but still they are stereotyped for the way they act, dress, look, and even speak. All they ever do is have fun with their own friends, each of them are different, within the group there is diversity, not everyone is the same, they are all not drones that follow others orders, their just themselves. They are one of the most realest groups in the school, they tell you the truth on anything, they even have your back whenever some ones doing something to you, so you know what GET USED TO IT. Their kids will be there after there gone and their kids kids will be there so get used to the fact on seeing them in the tech hall folks they aint leaving any time soon !
preppy wannabe: eww your an owl kid :/
owl kids: do you have a magazine named after you ?
preppy wannabe: no...
by ego.AlicaInWonderland November 09, 2010
A person who's life revolves around caring for, breeding, feeding, training and rapeing owls
Toby: That Stephen sure does love owls!
Me: Yeah, that's why they call him Owlkid.
Toby: Is he having sex with that owl?
Me: Yup.
by Owlkid August 16, 2015
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