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group of young misfit high school students who hang out in the tech hall.

They are deep, caring, interesting, odd, hilarious, accepting, loving, and always have each others back. We all don't always get along, and we don't see things the same way.

But by the end of the day we need each other.

They are the colour, light, and darkness of the school. they don't listen to the music most do. They like to rock out, as well as like other forms of music. They don't care for preps, as they don't care for us.

They make you stop and stare at there dark "alternative" clothing.

We all want to belong to something, the owl kids are doing just that, belonging to a compassionate, loyal group of friends.

life it hard as it is, we really don't need people judging us just because were different.
hater prep: look at them siting there laughing haveing a good time. i though all emos do is sit around being all you know, like emo.

other hater prep: stupid owl kids
by StarcoreD November 05, 2010

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