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In your face, obvious, open and observable.

Opposite of covert
"Though the two had been dating for a month, their parents were very concerned about the displays of overt affection."

"An overt lie"
by hanna_xu April 11, 2006
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Being distasteful, annoying, or just plain bad; All that which is not covert (ant.)
"Ew, that new Clay Aiken song is so clearly overt!"
by maanizza January 12, 2004
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really means "over to". Extensively used in the American Rural South.
I went overt Billy Jo's house fer a-while.
by Hallie December 09, 2003
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regional dialect for all right (all-vert...overt)
James:were goin to Venus tonight
by Jumbo Jim December 11, 2006
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past tense of "over". Used extensively in the American Rural South.
I went overt Billy Jo's house for a while.
by Hallie December 08, 2003
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