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1. A play on the word 'overkill' with reference to just chillin'. 2. An overdose of chillin'
'What did you do last night?'

'Just watched an awesome movie, played on my XBox and hit the club scene with a couple of friends'

'Whoa dude...that's pure overchill!!'
by Siddarth Shetty January 12, 2010
Its when one is chilling too hard/drinking too much.
OVER CHILL, is when one is chilling too hard, as in drinking too much to the point where one is going to pass out/blackout/throw up.
by CARZdotCOM August 20, 2010
When you are so high that you forget to breath.
Brady smoked so much weed that he passed out from overchill.
by danky JJ August 14, 2010
Adj. Describes someone who is worse than a slacker but not quite a fuckup.
Yo man, you going to study for your midterm?
Than why are you smoking weed right now?
Nah don't worry its chill.
No dude, your midterm is in 30 minutes that's overchill.
by nottheNSA February 27, 2015

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