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Over-The-Counter Hipsters also Cashier Hipsters who rely on their own income. Commonly found behind or "over-the-counter" as the cashier at Beacon's Closet, Ozzies, etc. Usually wearing something they may have found while on the job at Beacon's Closet. Most often found a cranky mess because they can no longer rely on their parents for money and must do it themselves, therefore, they become an Over-The-Counter or Cashier Hipster.
Beacon's Closet customer: Excuse me, I'd like to try on this funky and unusual dress shirt. Could you hold my other items here at the counter or should I bring them into the dressing room with me?

Over-The-Counter Hipster: I don't know, i'm too tired from having to make my own income and not rely on my parents for my money to make a decision like this. *adjusts thick-framed glasses* I'm going to go on my break now and be nonchalant with my Hipster friends at Ozzie's Coffee Shop.
#hipster #hipsters #nonchalant #beacon's closet #coffee shop
by Madeleine Gruder May 27, 2009
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