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Ottakku is derived from Otaku which is an extreme anime and/or manga fan, but Ottakkus are not as extreme and are usually in their teens.It is used as a label sometimes like chav/prep etc.

It is used to describe someone who is a anime and manga fan, but are not seriously obsessed. Usually young people are described as this. They are into anime shows, japenese culture and usually japenese video games.

Anime shows like : Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, .etc
Video games like : Final Fantasy Series, Dragon Quest series, Tekken series, Dynasty Warrior series, Mystic Heroes etc.

Ottakkus are usually very gothic aswell, they may seem sweet but from the years of violent video games they are extremely evil. Especially the ones who appear nice are usually disguised evil. They may even draw cute pictures but afterwards explain it's darkness to very close friends while fooling the rest of the class.

They can stay calm and focused when needed. Also they are usually quiet, and the kind of people who are everybody's friend yet will hide in a corner of the classroom plotting how to kill them when he/she is older.

Althought there are some ottakkus that can be indirectly extremely chavvy too.

Ottakku is mainly used as a sub-label, but is sometimes a main label. It depends how seriously someone takes their 'label'.

Ottakkus usually get on with everyone and every label, although they seem to get along very well with goths and chavs. Usually as most Ottakkus are gothic and/or slightly chavvy.

Ottakkus listen to various types of music, and even though they worship video games they do not always love 'game music'.

Ottakkus wear various things again, but the majority would just wear pilot shirts and ripped jeans (which probably got ripped from fighting at school)
To mini skirts and halters!

Do not mistake that all Ottakkus are tomboys, this is not always true.
Person 1: "You are so Ottakku!"
Person 2: "No, I'm a chav who likes anime!"
Person 1: "You're still Ottakku in some way then"
by kisskiss October 02, 2006
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