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Its like a way of saying something is ghetto status or funny in a weird way that looks pimp or phat. It basically defines itself. The name derives from Obesity. Another way to say it is otresity.
-If your mom brings a 2-liter coke to the theater and cups you say thats "otrese"
-something about a persons face that looks disturbing/funny/weird but makes you laugh is "otrese".
-Dramatic Chipmunk is pure otresity
by Fallenskater74 April 17, 2009
An adjective that means embarrassingly lame.
Person 1: Amber and Ly went on the Jerry Springer Show.

Person 2: Ohhh. That's otrese... Poor kids.

Person 1: I know, Pure Otresity.
by Toooobad. April 18, 2009
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