like the best effing skate shoe, not ur friggin adio or etnies( theyre prettty comfy tho, but gay)
osiris = da shit that rocks my socks
by fatty mc fat fat May 22, 2006
1.Shoes that were cool in the age of Jerry Hsu until all of the kids from Webster, NY began wearing them with their gay hollister hoodies.

2.Also known as Plastic Shoes for their rediculously unnecessary shine, resulting in a plasic-like look
Jake-Dude check out my new Osiris's

Lou-Dude, your a fag
by Barry MaCockner the 11th January 17, 2010
bitch ass person who's a motherfucking softy and likes giving blow jobs to people while the take shit's
osiris " person who gives blow jobs:someone who is gay:homosexual:or sleeps with men for cheeseburgers
by charles dickens jones January 24, 2009
was a extra in the movie Fight Club staring Brad pit.
was later fired before the movie's final edit for sexual assault on the other male cast members durring "fight scenes"
:tom: "look at that man wrestling with that body builder"
:frank: "dude what a o'siris"
by dr. aquaFresh October 16, 2008
Biggest n00b known to man
Osiris: I rawk!1
Some Dude: You n00b, I pwnd you yesterday
Osiris: True...
by Martin February 26, 2005
internet personality who tries to be friends with everybody.
Darth: Osiris tried to be all nice. I think he is gay. I owned him.
by Rickster885 July 19, 2003

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