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Only the best brand of Popcorn in the United States! Mmm Buttery!
Me: Orville Redenbachers PWNS!!! I eat it every single moment of my life!
Little Child: My mother died from i...
Me: ** Shoots the little sucker **
by Honorable November 04, 2008
cockney rhyming slang for 'Shocker'

Sometimes abbreviated to orville.
That guy just got blown out by three chicks in a row. He's having an absolute orville.

Two in the pink, one in the stink, gave her a cheeky orville redenbacher.
by jazzyfizzle98 November 16, 2010
A guy that has a fetish for virgins. Derives from Orville Redenbacher, a popular popcorn brand.
Batman is a total Orville Redenbacher. He just looooooooves poppin' fresh hymen.
by Dark NiTe November 11, 2010