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Orthronic: A word used to substitute the incorrect usage of irony, ironic, ironical and ironically

Orth-i-ro-ny, noun, plural

Orth-o-ron•i•cal•ness, noun

Orth•ron•i•c, adjective

Orth•ron•i•cal, adjective
Orth-o-ron•i•cal•ly, adverb

Orthirony can occur when;

1. An outcome of events consistent to what was, or might have been, yet still contrary to what may have been expected.
This can also be described as an amazing or unexpected coincidence.

2. Events which are simply an unfortunate coincidence rather than ironic.

3. Events that are simply a fortunate yet unexpected coincidence rather than ironic

4. The use of words to convey a meaning that is the same as its literal meaning yet the literal choice of words counter the usually associated sarcastic or insincere context with unexpected sincerity.

Synonym: Amazing Coincidence, Unexpected coincidence
Antonym: Ironic.
It was orthronic that Movie star xxx actually played the character of Himself in a movie about his life story
“I can’t believe this is the fourth time we’ve bumped into each other today, how orthronic”

“I can’t believe It’s raining in November, how orthronic”

It was quite sad yet quite orthronic when the Rock group The Killer Bees where actually killed by killer Bees in their latest remote trip to Africa last year.(fictitious example)

It is orthronic that Sir Alec Guinness is best known for his work in George Lucas' Star Wars movies, even though he himself disliked them.

It was quite an orthirony that John the well known eye surgeon went blind in his old age.

“Orthoronically, it was the best movie I’ve seen all year!”

It was quite orthronic when John said “see you later” to his world travel customer, because this time he actually meant it.

It felt Orthoronically odd when Sam said “you’re my number one customer" to David because this time he was.

It was quite an orthirony when Peter said “have a nice day” to the officer because this time it was served without the usual sarcasm.
by Druscan August 13, 2012
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