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1 A climax of sexual excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure in the genital region after one has been sacked, often accompanied by ejaculation. Similar to an orgasm.

2 Masochistic pleasure from the pain of being kicked or punched in the genitals, primarily in men.

verb intrans.
1 Experience an orsackm
-Suzy kicked Peter's balls on Valentine's day after receiving a dozen red roses. Luckily for Peter, he enjoyed it and orsackmed all over her face.

-Little Timothy vigorously kicked the soccer ball towards the net, but hit the 50 year old pedophile goalie in his crotch and gave him an orsackm.

-"Yeah! Step on my balls harder, this is the best orsackm I've had in years!"
by KielandEdmonds March 16, 2011
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