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When you're too drunk to add the "C" in Corona.
Bob: Dude, that party freaking whack. You suck at aving parties, Corey. I didn't do shit while you got some blow and left twenty empty Corona bottle in the middle of the street.

Corey: Bazza, I tell ye wat, I dint hav twanty Oronas. I haz twantyfaive Orona, ye puzzi.

Bob: Lay off the Coronas, Corey. You already look like a faggot with those sunglasses.

Corey: Shot ye arse up, bazza. Orona maks me glarses moar famous.

Bob: Corey Delaney, you are an official fucktard.

Corey: Bazza, bazza I luv ewe bazza.
by MrChamichanga July 10, 2008
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