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The pedophilic, yuri-loving, hentai master OP of #animeone.
<Qupi> CSS rocks!
<Hare-senpai> i agree!
<Kozoku> incoming doujin, oro
-!- mode/#animeone +vvv Qupi Hare-senpai Kozoku by OrochiTux
<@OrochiTux> mmm Tomoyo and Sakura
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
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Macintosh + kiddy doujin + pantsu = perfect ingridients to make your own OrochiTux.
(add an anime wallpaper for an OrochiTina)
by shadowmantis July 16, 2003
A seven headed serpent demon penguin.
My seven node linux beowolf cluster with fibre channel is sweet. Oh you got an OrochiTux! 1337!
by Pingu July 10, 2003

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