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A combination of organic and orgasmic. Often referring to a relationship between two people or a meeting - one which is very comfortable and easy, yet still exciting and incredible.
Chris: How would you describe the first time we met?

Kristen: Well, there are no words...

Chris: Wrong. The correct answer is "organ-asmic". That's a cross between "organic" and "orgasmic".
by ZooZooKachoo January 03, 2011
(v) used to describe those that receive their orgasms from other organic beings as opposed to those that receive their orgasms from non-organic beings such as robots, androids, sex-machines, or mannequins.

ant. androidsexual, robosexual
Bryce is my organasmic partner.

I'm organasmic, not some dirty android fucker.
by Ramdunculous July 23, 2010
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