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A school in Summit, NJ which rather small but easily out does all other private schools in the area. Seton Hall prep can beat Oratory in a few sports but is mostly made up idiots. Delbarton, is a school not even spoken of in Oratory, because they are too low to even think of. The dances thrown by Oratory are famous for their great DJ's and all the sister schools prefer Oratory's dances over Seton Hall's and Delbarton's. If you were accepted into Oratory you are among the finest men in NJ.

P.S. Did i mention that Oratory beat Delbarton AND Seton Hall Prep in Varsity Soccer this year?
Oratory Kid #1: "Hey, are Bob are you going to our Oratory Prep dance tonight?"
Oratory Kid #2:"Of course I am. Oh God, here come some Seton Hall kids and Delbarton kids.
Seton Hall kid:"Hey fags, hows Oraltory?"
Oratory Kids:"Sorry, gotta go get mad biddies at our dance, later scum."
by BDOG2014*** December 04, 2010
A small, yet deceptively easy to get into "prep" school in Summit, NJ. Goes along with Gill St. Bernards in the "public school masquerading as a private school" category. Because the student body is made up of boys who have been rejected from Delbarton, Pingry, and even Seton Hall Prep, the students are generally worthless and miserable. Not even fit to be called a JV School, Oratory is notoriously bad at all sports, with the exception of swimming, which, let's be honest, isn't a real sport unless you're Michael Phelps. The students are not particularly bright, thus being rejected from real schools, and are truly not gifted in any way. Oratory kids are also lacking in charm and wit, and if the rare occasion occurs where they try to be cool, utter failure and embarrassment ensues. Often referred to as Oratory Faggotory, the school also has a reputation for it's number of homosexuals. It seems that being less suave keeps the boys from attracting women, and they then turn to each other for intimate companionship. In fact, if there's one thing that Seton Hall Prep and Debarton kids agree on, it's that Oratory is the saddest excuse for a prep school on the planet. Overall, if you end up at Oratory Prep, you would be better off at Summit High School.
Delbarton Kid: It's fun to watch Oratory kids in social situations.
Pingry Kid: I know it's great. They can't play sports for shit either.
Seton Hall Prep Kid: They're not even smart. I feel bad for them.
Oratory Prep Kid: You guys are gay.
Delbarton Kid: I'm sorry, did you say something?
by K.O.D. September 15, 2010
A school in summit that is full of losers but has some semi-cool kids who get stuck there. most kids are/become insecure and then try to be assholes/ dicks/ douches to people to make themselves look cool but then people realize these kids are just insecure/messed up. the cool kids mostly leave because they realize how the school turns kids into weirdos.
Oratory prep kid 1: lets go make fun of that kid to feel better about ourselves
oratory prep kid 2: lets do it
Oratory prep kid1: your so gay
oratory prep kid 3: wtf?
regular person: why do those kids even try
by idkwtftomakemypsuedopo July 08, 2011
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