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The unfounded feeling of intense anxiety, upset, nervousness, worry, regret or paranoia that you get after a night of drinking.

Not necessarily with a hangover but it's possible to have both at the same time.

Can be hugely accentuated if you've done something to be anxious about but is normally irrational
"God, I've got such bad oranjeboom today, it took me 40 minutes to decide what to have at the Chinese"

"I feel like I could cry but it's just my oranjeboom"

"I don't feel at all hungover today but I think i'm going to have major oranjeboom later"
by 892404 August 12, 2014
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Cheap premium lager that almost makes 'reassuringly expensive' redundant...
"lets get some Oranjeboom, 8 for a fiver, cant go wrong!"
by J. Bedgood November 30, 2004
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