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Dude, Oompa Loompa Doompity doo, I've got some Orange Balls for you.
by OZYMANDIASFGL August 23, 2010
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When the male human specimen takes his Testicles, exe. (Nuts, Plums, Balls, Pouch, Ballbag, The Boys, Chin Pounders, Kids On A Swing) shoves them into another humans mouth and prevents them from taking them out for an extended period of time.
"If you keep opening your fucking mouth, I'm going to give you an Orange Ball." (Calmly Spoken)
by TornM December 11, 2009
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A mystial, magical, invisible ball that makes a sound remarkably like the word 'orange' when it strikes a surface. A game of catch played with said ball.
Manny and Waggz got stoned and fucked around with the orange ball for hours.
by Super Guatemala Man February 18, 2008
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