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A stylized image of a snake performing oral sex upon itself. Related to the Ouroboros.
The symbol of the Oralboros spraypainted on walls meant we were crossing into Greenwich Village.
by geodave February 09, 2013
An enhanced 69 oral sex position requiring a minimum of 3 individuals and reaching up to an infinite number. The participants involved resemble an Ouroboros.

Person A performs oral on person B While recieving it from person C.
Person B performs oral on person C while recieving it from person A.
Person C performs oral on person A while recieving it from person B.

This completes the infinite oral loop of the Ouroboros.
"Dude, last night I was at this crazy orgy. We had a 12 person Oralboros going on. It was amazing."
by lexcage December 12, 2013

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