Fishing out the log you just dropped from the toilet. Find the nearest person and throw the shit like a 90 MPH fastball. It's only a strike if you hit the persons mouth.
I got so tired of this bitch running her mouth. I had to shut it so I decided to give her a Oral Hershiser. STRIKE!!!
by zaxin October 17, 2010
Top Definition
When a person inserts a baseball into a man's rectum, then performs fellatio on the man whilst he clinches on the baseball.
Piazza's rectum looks like a Babe Ruth era catcher's mitt these days! Must be all those Oral Hershisers that Keith Hernandez gave him.
by Dick Burley May 09, 2011
When a female is giving you dome and somehow blows out her elbow like a major league pitcher.
Q: Why are you wearing a sling?
A: Well I was giving this guy and Oral Hershiser the other day and I ended up needing Tommy John surgery.
by Themaskedcrusader June 19, 2009
The act of being fellated by a woman while standing (she's on her knees), cumming in her mouth, and pulling a quick 180 to then fire out a log into her cum-filled orifice.
Event form:
I'd been eating fiber bars all day to prepare for our Oral Hershiser.

Verb form:
She gave me oral, then I spun around and hershised that bitch.
by johnnyg11141983 March 17, 2008
The act of a girl (or guy, for all of you Lance Bass-type people) fellating a guy, and then having the guy defecating in the girl's mouth. This is not to be confused with Orel Hershiser, a former MLB pitcher and current analyst for ESPN.

Man, Sylvanta wanted me to just orgasm in her mouth, but I gave the Oral Hershiser instead.
by Z™ August 22, 2006
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