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A camel with only one testicle and is severely braindamaged from birth. Oraefos typically eat their feces and kin after experiencing any form of trauma, mild to extreme. Most die before the age one because they are born with the conception that they can fly off of steep cliffs.
A hungry Arab, named Nafi rode an oraefo into Bangledesh. Both the oraefo and the rider were killed after the Arab tried to give the oraefo a blowjob. Their bodies were found at the bottom of a canyon.
by DaddyTwat July 18, 2009
The left-over crap in the butthole after an effortless wipe. Oraefos usually smell worse than "poo poo" due to the swift friction of toilet paper that causes a condensing sweat around the anus.
Isaiah's rim-job was ruined when his girlfriend noticed an oraefo was still in his ass.
by Daddyloveshissons July 18, 2009

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