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Where your head is so far up your ass you have a shitty outlook on life.
With his recent string of bad luck, Richard suffers from an acute case of Optical Rectalitis.
by awesumwordster January 15, 2012
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A medical syndrome whereas one has his head up his ass and has a shitty outlook on life.
Your symptoms indicate that you suffer from opticalrectalitis.
by aFfLiCtEd December 19, 2004
3 2
from>latin: poopusinvisionus; human affliction stemming from repeated berating, egodeflation, ex-wives, parade-precipitation, and constant mindfuck from a second party ~individual//group/groups. Common street vernacular that actually should be defined in UD is "SHITTY OUTLOOK".
I clean my contacts with Preperation-H because I have optical rectalitis.
by terryzz February 22, 2009
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