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The most opposite of being right. The wrongest of rightest. To be oppositewrong is to be the most wrong, as it is the opposite of being the most right.
The Sun is oppositewrong of a black hole. The Sun is the Most On (active in performance for a greater, lengthier, and more substancial period of time) of everything ever. It is the most fully greatestly great of anything ever unanimously classified as "on" ever, and is the most abundantly quantiterrificest in comparison to all, most, any, full, every, and almost any full everything. Mostly allest of everything, it is the most fully always right of everything that is the most of the alwaysest "on".

A black hole is therefore fully the mostest "off", and is therefore far fully the finalest frontier of oppositewrong, the mostest of most fully wronged wrongs.
The Sun is the most ON of anything, so a black hole would be oppositewrong of the Sun, because it is the most OFF.
by mlazy July 12, 2009