Two mediocre personalities that are obsessed with Howard Stern. They are have little talent and even less originality. Originally on XM they had an additional subscription fee to get the show and signed up few thousand people. They are dying a slow death just like XM.
Sirius>XM as Howard Stern>Opie and Anthony
by Bukkake the porno clown November 08, 2006
Top Definition
the greatest radio show that ever existed (aka O&A)
q. who was wrongfully fired for a sex stunt gone horrably awry?
a. Opie and Anthony
by Suzi Watson November 09, 2003
A fantastic radio duo that always end up getting what they want. They started in Long Island, moved to Worcester/Boston's WAAF station, released a few CD's, got fired for an April Fool's prank, moved to NY, becamse nationally syndicated(!), and again were fired for pushing the limits of radio talk. They can now be heard on XM Satellite Radio.
Customer: I don't know if this satellite radio is worth it.
Sales Associate: Well, Opie and Anthony have a radio station on XM radio.
Customer: Sign me up!
by Double D April 07, 2005
1)The show that makes my XM radio worth it's subscription price.
2) A radio show in which nothing is sacred....and thats why I love it.
Opie and Anthony get the WOW sticker, do you hear me? Opie and Anthony get the WOW sticker!

Jim Norton, from the Opie and Anthony show, likes paying women to shit on his chest.
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
Best duo on radio. Started at WAAF in boston until they were unjustly fired. Again unjustly fired in New York.
Opie and Anthony are so much better than that tool howard stern.
by your name January 06, 2005
Two Howard Stern clones who occasionally have their moments. But, for the most part, they are rather unfunny.
Q: Who are Opie and Anthony?

A: They are radio hosts like Howard Stern, just unfunny.
by jose_198 October 20, 2005
2 radio hacks that arent funny and copy howard stern. they also lie to their fans who are almost as dumb as they are. EXAMPLE: "free FM fucking sucks...thats why its free" that quote is attributed to anthony cummia in october 2005. he later went back to free fm with his less funny sidekick opie. they are currently losing in ratings on free FM to the spanish channel. they went to XM and nobody cared.
opie and anthony...who are they? oh they tried to compete with Howard stern just like Imus, debella, mancow, don and mike, dee snider, david lee roth etc etc and failed.
by baltok the rapist January 15, 2007
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