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Water/Hydration obtained from a water fountain inside an Opera House, "I.E. The Civic Opera House of Chicago." Said to have been derived from the gods themselves; opera water runs through centuries-old brass pipes, gets sung to all day, and gains unique FANCY minerals on its journey from Valhalla to your palate. Once drunken, Opera Water flows through ones veins, enlarging one's Fancy Glands to epic proportions; inhibiting the drinker to inherit increased fanciness until the following March 25th; Opera Day.
Before ingestion of Opera Water:

GYRL, YO shyt be m0fukken stoopid i m3an shyt, that homework was goddam dank muhfucka.

After Ingestion of Opera Water:

Woman/Female, You seem to be coherent on this fine day towards my query; would you care to converse about the partially difficult homework bestowed last fortnight?
by Proppsta March 25, 2011
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