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Any type of sauce that is free of propitiatory ingredients and procedures. In order for a sauce to be deemed as opensauce, he 'sauce code' must be freely available under a GPLv3 licence for all to see.
Person One: Hello; welcome to Burger King, how can I help you?
Person Two: Hey, could I please get a whopper with cheese, without pickle, onion or tomato?
Person One: Sure, that'll be five dollars.
Person Two: Could I please have that with ketchup that conforms to opensauce standards?
Person One: Sure that'll be three dollars. I should note that you'll have to build it yourself, and Burger King is not responsible for anything you do. Oh, and it tastes like cow shit.
#opensource #closed source #bill gates #steve jobs #richard stallman #linux #gnu #gpl #neckbeard
by manipulate July 11, 2010
Open source. Used in Swedish as Open sås, which have a similar sounding as sauce.
Sourcesense, a European sauce consultancy has signed with proprietary software maker Microsoft to make open sauce software for Office.(from the Inquirer)
#open #source #sauce #sås #software
by Sven Svensson March 27, 2008
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