Being open minded is being willing to give many different practices and opinions consideration.

However, this does NOT equate to tolerance. Tolerance implies being okay with people doing whatever they want. Open mindedness is only giving it consideration.

Unfortunately, many left-leaning people seem to think they're the same, and, as an insult, accuse more conservative people of being close-minded, which makes little sense.
I told her I was personally against gay marriage, because it violates natural law. So she said that I am not open minded, and called me a dirty racist conservative.
by OneLittleVictory December 12, 2009
Possessing the ability to conceive reasonable criteria that would prove one's cherished beliefs to be mistaken, or that would show an idea one finds repulsive to actually be true. Often mistaken for "empty-headed" or "indecisive" by many empty-headed and indecisive people.
1. Chuck's an open-minded guy. He saw Fahrenheit 911 and Fahrenhype 911 before voting in the 2004 election.

2. Liberals like to pretend they're open-minded, but they're every bit as prejudiced as anyone else.
by Gahmuret June 29, 2006
The state of having the same beliefs and perceptions as you, or being succeptible to their influence.
I'm looking to meet open-minded people, but only if they believe X, Y, and Z.
by Killing Kittens September 09, 2006
What you call someone who agrees with YOUR viewpoint.
Ant. Closed Minded:

What you call someone who disagrees with YOUR viewpoint.
by Jean Paul Mama February 02, 2005
A girlfriend/prostitute/escort who provides services beyond oral and conventional sex: GFE, greek, russian, BBBJ, DFK
Openminded and All inclusive are synonyms.
Monique is such an openminded slut, she let me cum in all three holes last night!
by terran2 June 22, 2011
the best kind of people out there.
bryan is a great guy- handsome, smart, and open minded.
by aubreylopez April 18, 2009
A term often used in Gay Chat sites or Gay Profile sites to denote an HIV+ status without disclosing or clearly stating one's status due to stigma, or shame or simple self hatred.
Open-Minded guy looking for LTR
by derfmm July 31, 2009

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