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Open the Seven Seals (verb) Referencing the Christian Bible-The book of Revelations, where each seal is opened, and the world is wrought asunder by plague, pain and destruction.

The act of bringing down Armageddon upon another person, for something they did or said, which is as close to a wholesale Biblical Smiting as a human could get.
John knew that my Jane was my girlfriend. He tried to hook up with her last night. She came home and told me, so I got dressed and went to his house and I had to "Open the Seven Seals" on his ass.

Man, I saw the boss Open the Seven Seals on George yesterday. He never saw it coming."

Did he get fired?

He got fired, lost his pension, and was arrested. Then his wife left him for his boss.

by RogueSamurai August 19, 2010
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