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Oo - ger: 1.) To ooze out. 2.) A semi-thick substance that has leaked out of a bottle and slightly hardened
Roommate 1: Dude! Did you leave the lid on the ketchup loose?
Roommate 2: Ugh... Why do you say that?
Roommate 1: Well it oogered everywhere and you were the last to use it.
by J.L Samos August 11, 2011
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Oo - ger: 1) A super Sticky booger. 2) Grog. 3) Super. 4) You're pet snail.
1)"Dude i was diggin' for gold, and i picked a total ooger!"
2)" Yo what do you want to drink?' "Get me an ooger man."
3)" That's ooger cool!"
4)" Come here my little ooger! My little ooger you!"
by meester doumass October 13, 2009
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