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A girl who came from Ontario, California. Ontarihoes fall under four categories:

1. The scene extreme chick: Either you can find them with incredibly puffy hair, extensive eye make up, and a Dance Gavin Dance t-shirt with bright pink leggings.

2. The punk: Usually wearing a Ramones shirt over a torn up long sleeve. Everything on them is tore up, including their stockings to the point where you could see the cellulite on their asses. They usually have plugs, and can kick your best friend's ass.

3. The Chola: Born and raised in Ontario. Will never leave. Sharpie eye brows and the speech skills of a cucumber. Most likely has a boyfriend who's a mexican with a shaved head and long white socks.

4. Preppy bitch: Wears name brand clothing. Most likely on a school dance team. Acts like they own the place, but hate it at the same time. Usually the eye candy of males in the area, but put them down when they announce that they're fucking somebody who is 7 years older.
Fuck Ontarihoes.
by Xkuay February 22, 2011
A fine woman from Ontario, Canada. Although, the word is often used to describe any attractive Canadian woman.
Damn, Andrea is a hottie.
-She's from Canada.
Really? I'm trying to make her my Ontarihoe.
by FredSanford11 March 04, 2011

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