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A popular PlayStation 2 action-adventure game developed and published by Capcom. The story revolves around a Samurai named Samanosuke, who must defeat demons trying to take over the world. He has the power to consume the souls of his vanquished foes - This power is called "Onimusha" and is granted to him by the Ogre clan, a race that are at odds with the demons. Awesome game, highly recommended. Was a launch title for the PS2, has two direct sequels and a fighting game spin off as well. Onimusha 4 is being developed as well.
"Onimusha is a PlayStation 2 masterpiece in terms of graphics, gameplay, and story."
by A Ghost In Reverie September 27, 2005
1. a game character
2. a kid from socomcodes, his a noob, his kinda popular too!
1.. i played the game called "onimusha"
2. stupid noob trying to make a sig.. i hate him.
by your mom March 25, 2005
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