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A phrase used by band directors and musical instructors of most kinds. Typically, it is assumed that the phrase means you will only be trying the music "one more time", but generally the phrase becomes repeated, and one more time evolves into three or four.
Our band director shouted "One more time", but we knew that we would in fact do the entire show at least three more times before finally leaving practice.

*collective groan*
by Kaitlyn {oboe and alto sax} April 04, 2008
a song defined by a male striptease i.e.Daft Punk "one more time"
Hey, play "one more time"...the female desire to see naked men.
by boo-boo-k-f May 18, 2004
The false phrase used by band directors to run through a set when they actually mean more than once.
One more time, then water break!
by supernemo May 21, 2013
Another favorite song of Solis Fate!
Solis Fate loves the song One More Time.
by Sacred December 10, 2004
the unofficial D1 gran prix (for irwindale,ca)chant to cause 2 competiting drifters to go around the track once agian to determine the winner and get the crowd on their feet.
feb 28th 2004 and aug 31st 2003
by ryan February 28, 2004
A Masterbation Movement started by DJ to fix the economy. Do it One More Time! OMT will make personal lives healthier, reduction in sex crime, help the tissue industry, help the porn industry, save the economy!
When you wake up in the morning, just do it OneMoreTime!
by Dj Tec December 01, 2009
When people say that they're gonna do something one more time but sadly usually they don't actually mean it.
One More Time

by H14qqq0+TUdE=KeWl September 11, 2007
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