A sexy british-irish boyband that leaves millions of teenage girls stunned by their amazingness! It consists of five flawless boys named Liam James Payne, Louis William Tomlinson, Zayn Jawaad Malik, Niall James Horan, and Harry Edward Styles. They each auditioned for the X-factor separately but ended up forming together as a group by uncle simon on July 23, 2010 at 8:22 p.m. They got third place in the X-factor. They have made one album called Up All Night and are currently making a new one. Their fanbase are called directioners aka the most amazing people on earth. If you do not support the boys then GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN.
Directioner #1: How many r's are there?
Directioner #2: 6!
Directioner #1: What did Jimmy protest?
Directioner #2: NO!
Directioner #1: Isn't One Direction like the most amazing thing ever?!
Directioner #2: OMC YES!!
*both directioners do the inbetweeners dance*
by Directioner Forever August 08, 2012
The best band throughout the entire world! Made up of 5 incredibly gorgeus boys who have amazing humour and banter (Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan & Zayn Malik"
As a matter of fact the 5 boys are so damn sexy that the world may well end because we can't handle they're sexiness and amazing voices.
Directioner: "OMG! It's One Direction!!! THEY'RE SO FUCKIN SEXY! fkjwf qdhvbeuv i think i might die..."
by ThisIsDirectioner December 11, 2011
One direction are made up of 5 people:
Henry, Zack, Lee, Lewis and Neil.

They are all 100% straight,
They formed on nickelodeon and if you watched them on nick, well done, you've been there since the start,
Lee loves spoons,
Henry hates cats,
Lewis hates carrots,
Zack lacks self esteem,
Neil hates Lee and also hates potatoes,
they are all 100% serious,
Henry is canadian,
Lee is polish,
Zack is Mexican,
Lewis is ethiopian,
Neil is austrailian,
Neil is really ugly,
Lewis is also kinda ugly,
in fact the only one anyone likes is Henry,
Their full names are:
Henry Edmund Sile,
Lewis Waldo Thompson,
Lee John Pan,
Neil Jim Horse,
Zack Jam Milk,
We shout things like:
Hello, how are you?
Yes! Jane exclaimed,
And last of all
Their fans are called directionators
Girl 1: OMG did you see one direction on nick last night? I am a true directionator

Girl 2: Yeah I did OMG right? Directionators ftw!
by vashappenin1234567890 March 01, 2012
One Direction are a large boy band in the UK and around the world. It consists of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. One band, One dream = One Direction. One Direction's fans are called 'Directioners!' They have the deadliest fanbase ever.

They boy's appeared on the show X Factor and became the 3rd finalist.

One Direction are sex gods, they have amazing talent.
Person 1: Have you heard One Direction's latest song?

Person 2: OMG, I so have they are like sex gods.

Person 1: I know right, can they get any hotter?

Person 2: I think not;D
by DirectionerForever. December 26, 2011
A British and Irish boy band that tends to cause sexual frustration and the world-wide explosion of ovaries. This band of pure sex was first put together by the judges of the X-Factor (Namely Simon Cowell) in the year 2010. After winning third place, (Rebecca Ferguson placing second and Matt Cardle first), they were signed with SiCo, the record deal of Simon Cowell. Their manager's name is Paul Higgins, who rather than being a body guard, is referred to as the babysitter by the Directioners.

One Direction has hit the world by storm, breaking records left and right.

All though some have girlfriends, the long-term ones so far being the gorgeous Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder, we are all fully aware that the boy's hearts belong to each other, and to no one else's. Here are the epic romances:
Larry Stylinson

The band members, apart from the boys of course, are Josh Devine, Dan Richards, Sandy Beales and Jon Shone.

Here are the members of One Direction from oldest to youngest:
Harry Styles - Cheshire, UK
Niall Horan - Mullingar, Ireland
Liam Payne - Wolverhampton, UK
Zayn Malik - Bradford, UK
Louis Tomlinson - Doncaster, UK
Directionator: One Direction's so gay.
Directioner: I know, I ship them so hard.
Directionator: They're stupid.
Directioner: I know, they're so silly.
Directionator: They can't sing, Niall is ugly, Louis is annoying, Harry has an ugly nose, Zayn is a terrorist, and Liam is useless.
by Larry Stylinson's Carrots May 16, 2012
One Direction is the most awesome band of our generation. this band is made up of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik.
obioulsy when god created them he added too much hotness cause they are untouchable!!!
Sammy: Oh My God did you hear One Directions new song?

Bree: Yes! Gotta Be you is just the best!!!
A British/Irish Boyband which consists of five sexy boys who make girls' ovaries explode.
Niall Horan Harry Styles Liam Payne Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson One Direction

Girl 1: did you see Harry Styles' new tattoo!?
Girl 2: Ikr rip ovaries!!!
by Sassysloth January 09, 2014

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