A British-Irish boyband set on destroying your life and dragging you to hell, full of shady drama, shitty PR stunts, and LGBTQIA intrigue.
Person 1: What's a good drinking game?
Person 2: Take a shot every time One Direction makes you want to get hit by a bus
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by Z016 April 25, 2016
The worst band ever.I'm surprised by how this band even became famous.
Directioner 1:Omigosh,one direction is da best!
Directioner 2:Yea,screw all the stuff like the Beatles,Queen and Ac/Dc
Hardcore music critic:Come on,that stuff sounds like a cat giving birth.
by SmileyHatesNoobs March 17, 2016
A four-piece, British-Irish band that formed July 23, 2010 on the X-Factor. The band consists of Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. There used to be a fifth sex god, Zain Zayn Malik, but he exited the band on March 25, 2015. The four remaining beautiful sex gods are currently on their 'On the Road Again Tour' otherwise known as OTRA.
Directionator: One Direction is so stupid.

Directioner: Want to say that again to my fist?
by darkinsomnia October 14, 2015
One direction are a english boy band created in the 10th series of X-factor. Yes, they are hot, and yes, they have semi-decent singing voices. But it's the fans that make them so easy to hate. They are not 'the best band ever'.. they are barely even a band. They are just puppets to be honest, and i fail to understand why they are so famous.
A: Have you heard of one direction? I loveee harry omg they are the best band ever better then the beatles omg
B: Have I bitch? They are all over the fucking web /punch
by Normal teenager March 17, 2012
5 sex gods that give teen girls sexual frustrations, indescribable feelings, and put them in fragile states.

Tumblr fans know everything about them. If you question their omniscience or love for the boys, they will shove carrots up your bum.
One Direction puts me in a fragile state.
by Tumblr fans know June 07, 2012
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